Environmentally Friendly Delivery for Businesses

Environmentally Friendly Delivery for Businesses

Our unique on-your-way technology offers a cleaner, more environmentally friendly option for local businesses to send and receive packages throughout the Bay Area. While commuters drive, bike, or take public transportation along their normal daily routes, they can earn extra income by delivering packages for us. Our service makes it easier than ever to send and receive packages in a cost-effective, quick way.

We’re doing our part to help the environment by collecting user data from potential couriers who sign up on our website. We then use that data to identify which couriers, also known as “birds,” to contact when a delivery order comes in. Only birds who live, work, commute or who are available to be along the route of the delivery are notified of the job, making extra travel obsolete, and making it easy for a Bird to earn money when it  .

Our delivery model is so efficient because we adhere to the following initial three steps:

  1. Collect data – availability windows of space and time, location and radius that our drivers can deliver to and from
  2. Get to know our drivers
  3. Contact drivers (aka “birds”) who are already in the area of the delivery

It’s that simple! And it significantly lessens the carbon footprint of local businesses.

Since launching in May last year, hundreds of small, local businesses around the Bay Area have benefited from our same-day delivery service in these great ways:

  • Savings – Lower delivery fees than traditional delivery services
  • Flexibility – Senders have the flexibility of setting delivery requests either days in advance or immediately.
  • Availability – Our Birds work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they are always available whenever senders need them.

Several thousand drivers have signed up to work with us, and our flock of Birds is always growing. Depending on the delivery, our Birds can make up to $50 per hour.  Birds earn 85% of the delivery charge and Shipbird retains the remaining 15%.

There are even more benefits of being one of our Birds, such as:

  • Immediate notification via text message or email when a job nearby becomes available.
  • Ability to browse available jobs anytime on our website.
  • Work schedule is flexible – work when you want, as much or as little as you want.

Register with us and start delivering packages today! We would also love to partner with your local businesses in the Bay Area to provide exclusive daily delivery services. Contact us now!

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