Get to Know Shipbird CEO Marc Diamond

Get to Know Shipbird CEO Marc Diamond

 Introducing our CEO, Marc Diamond! Marc founded Shipbird in August 2013 with a vision to make a difference and have a positive impact on local businesses and individuals. Our continued success is a result of his passion for creating a business that can help the environment and our community. Marc strives to have a global impact on the environment while decreasing unemployment and bringing local people together.

As an innovative thinker and creative problem solver, Marc has been learning about business and developing new ideas since he started working for his family’s steel business, Metals Supply Company, when he was a teenager. He built the company website during his senior year of college, introduced email to the business, and set up the network infrastructure. Marc’s experience spans many different areas Metals Supply Company. He worked as a warehouse laborer and a truck driver, and in bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, IT, and operations.

Interesting Facts About Marc:

  •  Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001.
  • Fourth generation entrepreneur.
  • Worked for the family business, Metals Supply Company, in Texas.
  • Helped grow Metals Supply Company from 15 employees to 115 employees and nearly $200M in revenue during his tenure.
  • Started a development company in 2006 to build environmentally friendly homes in Houston.
  • Moved to Sonoma County, California in 2010.
  • Caught the innovation bug from the Bay Area air.

In Marc’s Own Words

 On his professional accomplishments – “Shipbird is my biggest accomplishment to date, and I hope to expand on that. The thought that this company can make a difference in the world and in so many people’s lives is pretty amazing.”

On his skill-set and professional background – “Working in the family steel business since I was 13, I learned every facet of the business. Most of these things they don’t teach in school. I worked in the warehouse, cleaned toilets, drove trucks delivering steel, worked in bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, operations, you name it.” 

On Shipbird’s leadership team – “Being part of such a talented group is extremely satisfying. I learn something new every day and mostly because of the people around me. It’s wonderful being around so many people that care.”

On furthering Shipbird’s mission – “Every minute of every day, from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep, I’m thinking about how to make Shipbird better. Ideas pop up watching the Warriors on television, riding my bike across the bridge, and even walking down Union Street. Some of these ideas are good.”

Our game-changing, crowd-sourced package delivery service uses proprietary technology to provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option for businesses and individuals to send and receive packages. We’ve seen unprecedented growth thanks to Marc’s enthusiasm and drive, as well as viral word-of-mouth via social media. We offer local delivery all over the Bay Area, including same-day delivery and on-the-way delivery that lowers the carbon footprint. Our community-based couriers make 85% of the delivery charge. In the very near future, Marc plans to expand Shipbird to other cities throughout the US.

Stay tuned!!

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