Get to Know Shipbird COO Dana E. Lipp

Get to Know Shipbird COO Dana E. Lipp

 Introducing our COO, Dana E. Lipp! She is one of the youngest female COOs of a start-up in the tech industry. Dana began her career in 2005 as a corporate and tax attorney in Dallas, providing legal and business advice to large and small businesses and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. She fell in love with Shipbird, and recognized CEO Marc Diamond’s vision for the company and how it could revolutionize the world around them.

Why Dana Loves Working for Shipbird

  • Opportunity to form and shape a company from the inside-out.
  • Immediate connection with Marc and a shared vision.
  • Belief in Marc, the company, and the Shipbird platform.

Dana’s role within our company is multifaceted. Here are a few ways she is helping to build our business and drive our success:

  • Form strategic partnerships with local and national companies.
  • Increase driver base and retention.
  • Develop our innovative crowdsourced matching platform and pricing structures.
  • Prepare financial forecasting and modeling.

As a personal goal, Dana wants to give people an opportunity to connect. She sees Shipbird as a way to offer opportunities to people to earn a living or increase their revenue with a company that prides itself on providing excellent support and follow-through. These values are shared by both Dana and Marc, whose personalities form a complementary duo.

Interesting Facts About Dana

  • Dana graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Before joining Shipbird, Dana held positions within leading firms such as Ryan & Company and Winstead PC.
  • In 2014, Dana was one of the youngest members of the University of Texas School of Law Steering Committee.
  • Dana is involved in several alumni and young professional groups.

Her career and leadership promise to benefit our company and bring its innovative platform to more and more clients and deliverers, positively transforming not only the local delivery industry, but individual lives, too.

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