Setting Up Your Availability Profile: Part 1

Setting up a great availability profile as a part-time or full-time deliverer is easy.

Shipbird matches your availability with delivery needs in your area or packages going your way. To start receiving email or text notifications about delivery opportunities, set up your availability profile now in 4 easy steps:

1. Choose a home base and a delivery radius
2. Select the specific time range you’d like to work
3. Tell us which date range fits your schedule
4. Pick the days of the week you can deliver

Blog Image_ Availability Profile_625 x 315px

More availability = more deliveries and more money.

The more windows of availability you add, the more notifications you’ll get from Shipbird. If you work from home Monday through Friday, enter your home address as the home base, and choose the time range you’d be available to deliver each day of the work week.

If you know you’ll be at the office consistently throughout the week, enter your office address as the home base. That way, we can match you with delivery jobs on your way to and from work. Your commute could pay for itself.

Use a combination of availability windows to earn extra money more often.

Blog Image_ Availability Profile Part 1_625 x 315px

Make Shipbird work with any kind of schedule.

Whether you freelance from home, attend college, or work as a driver for one of the many rideshare companies, Shipbird seamlessly fits into your schedule. Our deliverers…

Work around other gigs.

Use their own vehicle (or bike, scooter, hoverboard, two legs) on their own time.

Earn on the way to places already on their schedule and in between gigs.

Make twice as much in one trip by dropping off passengers and delivering a Shipbird package in the same neighborhood (perfect for those who work for a rideshare company).

Your city is your delivery playground.

Next time, we’ll cover how to set up an availability profile if you only want to deliver to and/or from work.

As always, we’re here to answer any and all questions. Please reach out to us by emailing, calling 415.306.0835, or sending us a message on any of our social media pages. Drive safely out there!  


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